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About eco solutions cc 

Eco Solutions cc was established in 2002 in Otjiwarongo/Namibia. The founder and manager Peter Arndt has since than invented and manufactured a variety of concrete and metal products.

At the beginning Peter produced concrete roof tiles, the so called "Cool Tiles", introducing an Latin-American technology to Namibia. In 2011 Eco Solutions cc has taken over the production of Otji-Toilets from the than closing Clay-House-Project/Otjiwarongo. Peter had developed this water saving toilet in 2003 (that time under the umbrella of the CHP) and has since than constantly introduced improvements on the system. Most important where the introduction of our user-friendly Urine-Diversion-Toilet-Bowl.

Eco Solutions cc delivers and installs its eco-friendly, water-saving and affordable toilet systems nation wide. For customers with some technical experience Eco Solutions cc provides the Otji-Toilet as Self-Build-Kit together with its unique Urine-Diversion-Toilet-Bowl.

Meanwhile the company offers a variety of dry toilets and accessories as not every customer needs the same system. Is it schools, kindergartens, hostels or private households - the system should differ and fit to the specific need. With 15 years of experience in improved sanitation the specialists of Eco Solutions cc can ensure that your sanitation need will be address professionally.

But not only sanitation matters to Peter. Over the years Peter has established a number of kindergartens in Otjiwarongo but could not find durable playground equipment on the local market.That is how he began producing swings, slides, seesaws and other devices. The manufacturing of play ground equipment has meanwhile become a second production line for Eco Solutions cc.