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The maintenance free Eco-Toilet

The maintenance free Eco-Toilet is in fact a comfortable ventilated Urine Diverting Dry Toilet (UDDT) where the solid remains in the chamber undertaking a composting and degrading

The liquid is drained apart via our UDS-Bowl. The ventilation is driven from a big 2,4m high steel pipe with a diameter of 280mm.
The big size of the sun heated ventilation pipe ensures that enough air is really properly moving and no smell will border the user. As an extra benefit this Self-builder-Set includes a second floor slaps (outside under the ventilation pipe) which can be removed once the pit is full. That way the composted solid can be removed instead of investing in the construction of a new pit latrine. 
Please note that this decision is only to be considered once in a decade, while in the meantime the system works.