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The new Urine Diversion Bowl

Affordable, efficient and eco-friendly
the new developed UDS Bowl

The Advanced Urine Diversion System without any need of user instructions, tunes up sustainable dry sanitation to modern convenience

Why are UDS Bowls up to now not a success story?
In most of the existing dry toilet systems solid and liquid drop together in a tank from where the liquid gets separated due to filtration. That way the solid gets wet by the urine, then creating odour and attracting insects.

Much better is the prior separation in the toilet bowl. But most of the many attempts on designing urine diversion bowls on the market are not working properly nor are they accepted by the users, because they tend to be uncomfortable.

The advanced UDS Bowl is quiet different

The bowl works safely and simple and can be used for any type of dry toilet. No advice or instruction is required for its usage. For the toilet user this new bowl does not differ from standard bowls. This UDS bowl catches the urine, regardless whether from women or men, even when men are standing while letting water. The liquid is drained away due to adhesion and filtered through a simple french drain into the ground. There it does not cause contamination, as it is pure urine, without solid.
The UDS bowl in this way separates more than 80 % of the urine from the solid. The solid dry faster, is composting easier and therefore emit fewer odours. This new advanced UDS Bowl is developed and patented from Peter Arndt, in close cooperation with Grupo Sofonias, member of the EcoSur network.

Doesn't matter where the urin hits the the bowl, it is drained away

Cross section Urine Catching bowl. A simple looking but advanced technology.